The Story

AĒLO (ae-low), a winged woman and personification of a storm. She is confident, fierce and always up for adventure. Inspiring confidence in women to chase their dreams without fear. Encouraging inclusion and development in women's cycling by establishing a powerful movement of women supporting women. 

AĒLO is not only a brand but it’s a community of strong, motivated women, powering through this adventure called ‘life’. Creating a powerful community is our path, cycling is merely our vehicle.

The Why

In a study conducted by Cycling Australia, recreational participation in cycling by adults has risen by over 35% since 2005, ranking cycling as one of the top four physical activities in this country. Leading the rise in  participation; women. 
The study found that the key objectives for women in participating in the sport were fitness, fun, health, community and personal development. Their key challenges are work commitments, feeling unsafe on the road, lack of time and representation in the media. Our mission at AĒLO Athletic is to address the challenges and celebrate the joys experienced by women in our growing community. 

For who

She could be a mother of three, a sporting champion, a uni student or a high-end executive; she is AĒLO.

Our focus is on the female cycling market, but our passion is ‘women in sport’. We are so committed to seeing women out there achieving their goals, challenging themselves and making a statement in all things. Our role models and ambassadors aren’t just sporting champions, but every day women just having a go!

The Inspiration

The colours, prints and shapes in each collection reflect those found in Australian Nature. Our ‘Navy Base’ collection was inspired by the Australian gum trees, the pink salt lakes of SA, the red earth of the country and a little bit of that Pacific Ocean blue.