Meet Rose

"I have already won because I am doing what I love every single day"

Rose l 21 l Triathlete & Law Student l Lover of Great Books & Music l Pro

On Life

In November I moved from Auckland NZ, to Brisbane Aus, to join a development squad and further my triathlon career, as I look to race World Cup level in the upcoming years. Alongside my sporting pursuits, I am studying Law Part-time. In the future, I hope to become practicing mediator as well as a Professional Triathlete.

On Beginnings

My whole family has been involved in Triathlon, with my parents competing in Iron-mans and 70.3. I followed my older siblings footsteps and starting competitive swimming, then cycling, and then put the three together.

On Accomplishments

I have been a competitive triathlete since I was 16. I used to be a competitive cyclist but have shifted my focus to solely on Triathlon in the past couple of years. I have won a couple of National medals in New Zealand, in cycling and triathlon.

On Inspiration

Genevieve Lacaze, an Australian runner. The resilience she has displayed throughout her career, the attention she pays to the detail in her sport, inspires me as an athlete and the approach I take to my sport.

On Motivation

I love pushing myself to my limits, and seeing how hard I can go. I love the thrill and excitement of cycling, that other sports don't have. I also love the community aspect of the sport, and being able to meet other like-minded driven athletes.

On Culture

I think that it is great to see how the sport has progressed and is constantly growing as more women get involved. It is amazing to see how supportive the female cyclists community is, and passionate they are about continuing the growth of the sport.


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