Meet Maddison

Meet Maddison

August 02, 2019

“I think it is innately human to compare - but when incredible athletes are judged on what their body looks like rather than how it performs; that's a problem.”

Maddison l 25 l Small Business Owner l Lover of Activewear, Small Dogs & Coffee l Weekend Warrior

On Life

I went to uni and studied property economics, I got a job and ticked all the boxes. But I have always been obsessed with creating an ‘idea’. Something that I could really sink my teeth into - that could give me real purpose and direction. I always thought that if I kept moving, I would stumble across my passions on the way. I think as the years go on I have tried every career, from acting, talent agent, property agent, valuer, student, triathlete and blogger. My parents call it immature, I call it adventurous!

On Freedom

I got into cycling 5 years ago. A 'know-nothing' mountain biker with a penchant for adventure. I wanted a place to escape from reality and in some ways to escape from myself. To go deep into the forrest. Away from the everyday pressures of life. To break away from the labyrinth we create for ourselves in the busy-ness, the routine, the roles, the comparison. A place i could just 'be'.

On Challenges

I am having to remind myself that 'fitness' is a pretty fluid concept. Life often gets in the way, or some days you aren't performing as you like. I am NOT a morning person, so fitting a ride into my routine can be a challenge. It's even more of a challenge to make sure that your self-talk doesn't become critical or negative when you don’t get out there.

On Accomplishments

I think the Gold Coast Marathon was the most physically challenging thing i have done so far. But the funny thing is, life can be so much harder. I struggled with depression when i was at Uni and when i came through it, there wasn't a cheering crowd and a commemorative photo to say 'you've done it'. That's why i think it's so important to take time and be thankful to yourself for even the smallest things you've done each day. Every step you take is as important as the overall achievement itself.

On Culture

I think that there has been some incredible shifts in the sporting world for women in the last few years. A large part of which, I think can be attributed to the Body Positivity movement. I think it is innately human to compare - but when incredible athletes are judged on what their body looks like rather than how it performs; that's a problem. My gorgeous Aunt Chelsea Bonner was a pioneer for her time in the curve modelling space and i have seen her tirelessly fight to have a more 'real' representation of women in the media, so that people can stop worrying about 'perfection' and start worrying about things that matter. We have seen massive mainstream labels like Nike, Sportsgirl, Duskii and The Iconic move in this direction and i think that's really important for women everywhere

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