Meet Danielle

“Being active is not a choice; it’s a way of living for me” 

Danielle l 24 l Lover of Cats, Coffee & Cycling l Aspiring Cyclist

On Life

I studied Photography as an undergrad, and seem to never be able to leave uni as I am now currently study a Grad Diploma in Anthropology, and I absolutely love it! I work part-time to support my cycling habits...

On Beginnings

I needed a way to get to and from work and campus, I had my sights set on one of those cute bikes with the basket on the front, but in the back of my mind I thought road bikes looked so sleek and cool. I used to have horses in high school, and thought hang on a sec, the two are kinda the same aren't they? So I bought myself a wee road bike about a year ago, and haven't looked back since!

On Community

I think generally cyclist are really friendly people, I have found as a woman that it was really easy for me to join my local club, despite it being dominated by males, and get involved.

On Inspiration

My good friend Steph, she is an ultra marathon runner, and winner of Coast to Coast NZ. She is always supportive of my ventures, and is always there to answer even the silliest of questions I find myself needing answers to. 

On Racing 

My first cycling event! It was only small, 42km, but I came fifth and I was so happy! I had only been riding for about 6 months when I completed it. The thrill was exhilarating and I wanted to do it again when I got to the finish line! It has definitely pushed me to take on other, longer cycling events!

 On Challenges 

Study for sure! I can get pretty sucked into an essay, and working part time too means I really have to balance my time right. I used to run a lot, completing half marathons and that, but I never really loved it and it always felt like a chore, but cycling is so different, I cant seem to wait to be able to get out on my bike and discover new parts of the world.

On Motivation

I have a couple of upcoming road events, so that always keeps my motivation up. I find having an event to focus on really keeps me motivated! But also, cycling enables me to get out from the books and get some fresh air. Im able to channel all my physical energy into something, and nothing beats the rush of rolling on smooth tarmac! It also enables me to unleash that competitive streak I always seem to forget about..

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