Meet Terri

"My goal has always been to inspire women to reach their full potential."

Terri l 55 l Registered Nurse l Lover of the Outdoors, Active Travel & Her Gorgeous Kids l Competitor

On Life

I am originally from London where I trained as a registered nurse. I emigrated to Australia when I was 25 years old searching for sun & adventure. I have 5 gorgeous children (the youngest are triplets). I am a full-time nursing lecturer with a passion for teaching the next generation of nursing students. After years as an intensive care nurse, I believe health is everyone’s responsibility. Helping others to reach their potential in health, education, sport, and achieve their personal goals is my passion. My goal has always been to inspire women to reach their full potential. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

On Beginnings

I have always been active in various sports, but I was introduced to triathlon by my first Aussie boyfriend. After my marriage of 20 years ended 7 years ago, I felt a bit lost so I went back to what I knew had always made me happy. I enjoy sprint/standard distance triathlon, but cycling is by far my favourite discipline of the 3  

On Community 

I love the freedom that cycling gives me. Cycling clears my mind; challenges my body; takes me to some beautiful places and most of all connects me to a wonderful community of supportive and inspiring people. I just love the cycling community and have made some great friendships. I am also one of the founding members of the inaugural Cairns Women’s Racing Team launched this year. We are the first women’s team to compete in the Tour of the Tropics on Aug 2- 4 this year. This has been a massive year!!

On Inspiration

Dr. Fiona Wood has always been an inspiration. She is a medical specialist, mother of 6 children, runner, cyclist and triathlete. I could definitely see some synergy in our lives. She is a busy mum who has a busy career and could still find time to train for an Ironman. I had absolutely no excuse not to train!

On Accomplishments

Definitely having 5 children under the age of 4 years with no family around to help!!

On Culture

The cycling culture in Australia is great although I feel that the animosity from drivers towards cyclists is getting worse. I am fortunate to be a member of Cairns Cycling Club which is very inclusive and actively supports women in cycling but sadly I don’t see this everywhere. There needs to be more support and equity for female cyclists particularly in racing. Some women feel very intimidated riding with men.


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